CleanCo Queensland

A clean energy future crafted in Queensland

Queensland has abundant resources that will increasingly provide a global competitive advantage, with the potential to catalyse a sustainable and prosperous future for all of Queensland’s regions and people.

CleanCo was created with Queensland’s most flexible low-emission generation assets to put downward pressure on electricity prices, integrate renewables while preserving reliability, and support the transition to clean energy in a way that drives regional growth and jobs.

Our activities will contribute to the achievement of Queensland’s 70% renewable energy target by 2032.

CleanCo is proud to play a significant role in Queensland’s clean energy future and supports the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan.

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Meet the team

The development of the Swanbank Clean Energy Hub masterplan is being lead by a team with extensive experience in the energy sector and in community engagement. You can email the team at

Darryl Myers

Program Manager

Melanie Rippon

Community Engagement Lead

Gavin Peut

Future Energy Lead

CleanCo has engaged Authentic Co-design specialists, Max Hardy Consulting, to facilitate and manage co-design of the masterplan.